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Individual Counseling

Do you find yourself facing challenging life circumstances and not sure how to move through?

Sometimes trying to find a safe shore can leave us feeling overwhelmed. 

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression or just having experienced a loss and the grief that comes with that, Bayside is here to support you in navigating your way to a safe shore. 


Perhaps you are trying to make sense of your emotions and feeling stuck in how to move through.

Maybe things are happening all around you, the loss of loved ones or traumatic experiences and you don’t know how to restore a sense of peace.


Maybe you are wondering how Bayside can help you....

What to Expect

For some it is about developing the coping skills that you need to make better choices in life. 


Others just need a supportive listening ear as we work through your thoughts and feelings about the concern you are facing and develop the insight and perspective on how you have gotten to this place. 

Counseling is a journey into working through the things that have gotten you here and moving yourself forward to a better place in life

Take the first step. Contact me .....

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