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Couples Counseling

Communication, connections, commitment... THAT is emotional intimacy! 

Are you desiring emotional intimacy in your relationships and marriage, but not sure how to make that happen?

Have you been looking for ways to improve your communication so you can really be understood and feel connected to your partner? 

It’s possible to have healthy conflict where we work through misunderstandings in a way that still honors the love and connection you have for each other. 

Couples counseling helps you to discover your love language and to understand the love language of your partner so you can develop a kind of healthy communication and the conflict skills that will help you to navigate relationship challenges.  

Pre-Martial Counseling

Are you at the point in your relationship where you are ready to make the commitment?  Now let’s strengthen it with the skills you need to stay committed

What to Expect

What to expect for couples counseling.  A neutral ear that is focused on the third invisible part in your couple, which is the relationship itself. 


I do not take sides, with either individual but the neutral party in the middle, which is the couple. 


We are here to strengthen that bond and to make that relationship strong and solid.

Take the first step, call me......

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